We are specialized in manufacturing PTFE Coated Bolts & Nuts & Springs , Fluoropolymer Coating on Industrial Parts & Manufacturing Sintered Porous Plastic Filter Candles , Sheets , Rods , Disc & Elements
PTFE Coated Fasteners Studs Bolts and Nuts
PTFE Non Stick Coatings
PTFE Coating on Biscuits Moulds
Fluoropolymer PTFE Coating on Fasteners
PTFE Coated Springs
Porous Filter Rods
Porous Filter Discs
Porous Filter Sheets and Fluidized Tiles
Self Sealing Porous Filters for Disposable ESR Pipettes
Porous Battery Vents and Flame Arrestors
POLYPOR Porous Plastic Filter Candles
Sintered Porous Plastic Filters
Pneumatic Equipment Silencers
Airline Filter Elements
Yarn Oil Porous Plastic Lubricators
Porous Plastic Automobile Filters
Porous Plastic Medical Filters
Porous Plastic Breather Plug and Vent Plugs
Self Sealing Hydrophobic Filters
Micro Porous Cartridge For Air Dryers
Porous Plastic Filter for Ink Storages
Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers
Porous Plastic Breather Vent Plugs
Flux Foaming Porous Plastic Aerators
Aerator For Fish Tanks
Pipette Tips in Self Sealing Porous Plastics
Imported Filtration Products
Filter Housing Systems
PTFE Porous Filters
Domestic Water Purifiers
PTFE Coating on Textile Rollers
Polyamide/ Rilsan and Nylon Coatings
PTFE Coatings
PTFE Coated Bolts
PTFE Coated Nuts
PTFE Coating on Valves
Medical Bipolar Scissors
Xylan Coated Studs
Halar-ECTFE Coatings
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