Self Sealing Hydrophobic Filters

Self-Sealing Porous Filter

Approx Price: Rs 2 / Piece(s) 

Self Sealing Porous Filter Tips for Disposable ESR Pipette

Blinex Filter-Coat Pvt Ltd a specialist in sintered porous plastic components for various industrial applications makes Sintered “Self-Sealing” Porous media capable of blocking a broad range of polar organic solvents and acidic solutions.

“Self-sealing” Porous Plastic Filter media in this invention are defined as porous media that allow air and gas to pass through when the media are dry and do not allow air, gas or solutions to pass through when the media contacts aqueous based or organic solvent-based liquid solutions, for example under suction forces or pressure. The suction forces are vacuum or negative pressures.

Blinex Polypor ™ Porous “Self – Sealing” Filters Tips  are used in Disposable ESR pipettes with the graduated tubes up to 180 mark where the “Self – Sealing” filter Tip is fixed as a fitted stopper above avoiding the blood overflowing.


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